Submissive Female/Dominant Male – How Does It Work In Real Life?
Presented By Bo Blaze,

“I enjoy being submissive in the bedroom, but do I have to do everything he says?”, “If I don’t do everything I read in the book am I a bad slave?”, “Does it have to hurt?”, In short… NO! There are no rules in BDSM except for consent, so whether you want some playful spanking before a great night of sex or a full 24/7 slave commitment, EVERYTHING is negotiable. Join Alternative life coach and bestselling author of the book “50 Shades of Curious – BDSM for Beginners” Bo Blaze, PCC and his partners Anna & Dee as they give you a reality check on a dynamic that has been popularized in romance novels and movies but rarely portrayed accurately.

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Bo Blaze is a PCC certified “Alternative” life coach; specializing in Alternative Sexual Relationships & the Entertainment Industry! Bo is a nationally known expert on Kink, Lifestyle BDSM, Ethical Non-Monogamy (Polyamory), the Fetish World and LGBT issues. He is also a 20+ year veteran of the entertainment industry as a Music business manager, producer, video director as well as a comedy writer and performer. He has taught and lectured all over the country at hundreds of universities, conferences and various alternative and entertainment events. He is the winner of the Pantheon of Leather President’s Award and helped thousands learn to practice Safe, Sane & Consensual BDSM for over 13 years, as the the Novice Group facilitator, for the oldest & largest BDSM support and education group in the Country.