10 Years of Dirty Jersey – The Little Show That Could
Presented By The EXXXOTICA Staff

It’s been 10 longggggg years, and a wild ride, at that. With (convicted felon) Mayors blocking the event year one, other politicians trying to do the same (but thanks to 11”) and failing the next year, kidnapped/hijacked porn stars, Superstorms, ice storms, Nor’Easters, false alarms, injuries and surgeries, weddings and divorces, and lots more fun along the way, EXXXOTICA has not only managed to survive, but thrive in Dirty Jersey. Now it’s our anniversary and we’re going to give you “backstage” look at all the fun, tomfoolery (we love that word) and bullshit. Sure, we’re not stars doing a book reading, but we’re the best you got, so please come and we’ll see if we can get you some eye candy and free shit.